Israel’s Jackal!


Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

“Re Notre Dame Paris and Sri Lanka …..

Once again” strip down the dialectic” to, pattern recognition, basic arithmetic on the balance of probability and conclusions are far from “Muslim”, but the Jew-controlled media weapon of distraction, “terror and indulgence” for us is the name of the game.

The question should be, who benefits more from clashing Islam and the Muslims with Spiritual Europe and the Europeans than the (((cowards in the background))), the usual suspects, the Torah’rist Jews. Why is it of benefit to the Muslims, when it is easy to see how it’s of more benefit to those who wish to hold up Judy to be rattled by Punch.

Maybe this Shabbos goy (non-Jw), in the following vid, with his insurance “bond shareholder friends” is leveraging another double dip’, just like the 5 detained, then set free dancing Israeli’s during their “911” 3 towers, trigger…

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