Eigentlich wissen es ALLE, außer der Personalausweis Inhaber DEUTSCH nicht👈Das wollt ihr Retten? echt jetzt, Warum???

How does the Jewish piano play? Only for money, if you say the magic figure of 6 million.

The FRG government was illegal and was installed by Jews / Freemasons in order to serve their interests and to extort as much money as possible from the German people. From 1945 the chancellors of Germany were only Jews. The Germans are unknowingly hostage, in a country ruled by an illegitimate power installed by Jews and their golems (Americans).

Israel also receives $ 7.8 billion each year. The military aid was granted for the years 2013 – 2018: including submarines Warships logistics and weapons of all kinds paid in recent years. The largest amount for Israel, 117.8 billion, too. From 2018, there will be another 12.5 billion per year.

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