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Wenn du etwas vorhast, tue, als ob du es nicht vorhättest. Wenn du etwas willst, tue, als ob du es nicht benutzen wolltest.

Tausende Hass Kommentare der babylonischen Inzest Parasiten auf Twitter

“White babies are the ugliest babies. Yeah, I said what I said. Why do they almost always look like deformed potatoes? Why? They look like Voldemort, crossed with a shih tzu, crossed with a 13th century depiction of white baby Jesus, which is historically inaccurate ‘cause Jesus was not white, but also is kind of helpful ‘cause now we at least kind of know what 13th century white babies looked like. Regardless, white babies are the ugliest babies” – “Former Ugly White Baby” Comedian Caitlin “I’m punching up” Cook (thecaitlincook)

They despise us from the very beginning folks

Das Wartezimmer Blättchen 🤔